Driving: France is generally a pleasure for anyone
used to the heavy traffic encountered on all roads
in England! Apart from round big cities like Lille, Paris,
Lyon, Marseilles or Toulouse, traffic is generally
free-moving on the main network,
and light to very light on minor routes.

Flying: With the advent of cheap flights to France it's
often quicker and cheaper to fly to France especially
if you live some distance from the channel ports. 
International airports are situated in almost all the
major cities and numerous regional airports across
France can be reached from our own regional
airports in the UK.

easily the best way to travel between major
French town & cities, in comfort at ground level.
  France's world-famous TGV travels at up to 199 mph,
from city centre to city centre, & if you pre-book
direct with the operator
you can find some really cheap fares.